Our Services

Management Consulting

In working with your Executive Staff through Executive Coaching Sessions we help improve their leadership abilities. We also help in reducing risk to your organization through strategic planning by identifying factors that can negatively affect your business and to develop methods through organizational process improvement to keep you ahead of your competition.


The ability for all aspects of Operations within your company to flow seamlessly together is often overlooked by many organizations. This is critical for success. We help to improve operational functionality by streamlining Project Implementation. We also develop methods and identify ways that improve Client Optimization and Customer Care &  Retention. In providing a review of your Logistics, we also identify ways to improve client deliverables while minimizing organizational costs. 



A sale is much more than a sale, it begins a relationship with you and your clients. You want to make that a positive and lasting relationship. We help build your sales department and your sales professionals in adopting this mindset. In doing so they will focus on relationship building that will in turn lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Talent Development

We develop customized programs to fit your organization’s needs and culture. No cookie cutter programs here. We also provide offsite seminars on a variety of skills and topics.

Our training programs are designed to be informative, stimulating, and effective. Most important, however, is that our programs are designed for participants to be active participants during the training. It’s like the old saying, “If you’re not careful, you may learn something before it’s done.”

Our Talent Development programs increase employees’ skills while also increasing the loyalty to your organization.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Financing

Looking for opportunities to grow your organization? A merger or acquisition may be the solution. We help facilitate these transactions for our clients. In addition, we help our clients during this time of transition in managing staff, customers, resources, and all other aspects of the merger and acquisition process.

We can also assist in providing financing for capital needs. Through our invoice purchasing program, we can provide you with funds in 24-48 hours.

We also work in finding and securing grants for our clients as an additional source of funding.

Human Resources

Your H.R. Department is more than recruiting, benefits, training and employment laws. Many times organizations find their H.R. Departments to be more reactive than proactive. We help to ensure that your H.R. department is proactive by being fully engaged in in the organization’s functioning and by engaging the people within the organization.

Yeah, we also do recruiting (Executive, Management, and Sales), succession planning, salary surveys, and conduct H.R. related training programs too.